Anvil Launching

Have you ever wanted to launch a 100lb anvil skyward with black powder? Of course you have.

This guy has done it though:

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2011 improving economy for general aviation?

Craig Fuller, the president and CEO of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, said 2011 should bring an improving economy for general aviation. "Uncertainty remains, but there’s more optimism in the land, I think," said Fuller.

Wow, that’s certainly something to bank on.  I think.

Homeless man with a golden voice

This guy really does have a great voice – doesn’t look anything like he sounds at all!  Apparently he used to be a radio announcer, but drugs and alcohol took their toll and he is now homeless.  Since the video was shot he has been offered a full time position and a house by one organization, and has had several job offers from other sources!  What a great turnaround story: