Server Hiccup

Folks – my server had a catastrophic failure.  BOTH disks of a Raid-1 set failed (hard errors) at the same time.  How unlikely is THAT??  Well anyway, lucky me.  We’re now running on a rebuilt server, with two brand new Raid-1 disks.  I have restored things as best I can, and though some of the posting dates since June 5 got a bit scrambled, I doubt that really matters to anyone.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Diet sodas and ordering silliness

This morning I was in the cafeteria at work, and the guy in front of me ordered “egg whites and bacon”.  Now perhaps it’s just me, but that struck me as pretty funny.  I see it as along the same lines as a Diet Coke and a Snickers bar.  You see, the whole point about dietary modifications (whether for health, allergies, or whatever), is that in order for it to work, you need to be consistent.  Otherwise, it’s clearly just a mental game, and not really anything useful.

People will order the mega-bucket of popcorn with EXTRA butter and salt slathered all over it in multiple layers as the counter jock fills the bathtub sized container, and then to defuse the badness, they order a Diet Pepsi.  I always find it hard not to bust up laughing.  I mean really, if you are going to go for junk, then DO it – why screw around?  And give me a steak (rare) on the side please.

Double letters in an attempt to be clever

This annoying habit seems to be more prevalent in the restricted-vocabulary circles, so I suppose this is their only way of standing out in a crowd (yes, this is a snooty post).

My gripe this time is people who add consonants in an attempt to add emphasis (I’m assuming that because they don’t have a very wide vocabulary, alternate word-choice is not an option, but that may well be presumptuous on my part).

Examples would be: Hott, Starr, Raddical, Sexxy, Dogg, Rockking

Encouraging news from spam

Looking at an inbox full of spam is annoying, but if you tilt your head right, you can brighten your day with it’s encouragement!

For example, today I find that “There has been a change to your Experian score”, and if I’m “stressed over bills you can’t pay”, that’s okay because I’m “pre-approved for loan”, so that must be good.  To find that “President reduces amount homeowners owe” is always welcome news.  I can get pills to “burn fat fast”, I can learn to “speak a new language like a pro”, and to top it off, “Subway is giving away sandwiches for a week”!  Given that diet, I’ll probably need to take advantage of the “25k Life policy for $1 per month”.  I still haven’t figured out where to go on vacation but “Southwest Airlines is giving away 2 roundtrip tickets”

All of these spam offers seem to adhere to a single common thread: Yes, the vendor is losing money on the individual transaction, but they make it up in volume! :-p


Something I saw today happened to trigger a memory of the classic Spirograph toy we had as kids.  This was just too cool, and my sister and I had hours of fun with it.  It was very simple, gears and pins and a pen, but it made some really cool drawings.

I poked around online a bit and sure enough – there is a VIRTUAL SPIROGRAPH!

Sure, it’s not quite as fun as spinning the gears with a pen and seeing the image begin to emerge before your eyes, but it’s still pretty cool.