“The Strange Game” CD has been released!

After a lot of work and time going by, we finally released our first album.  You can hear the tracks at www.thestrangegame.com, and you can purchase either downloadable mp3 files, or a physical CD (complete with our nifty/wacky artwork) – Click Here !  Just imagine, how impressed your friends will be when they come over to your house and see our shiny new CD on your table.

Inane gas pump signage; drive-off with hose attached

Here’s a good one I ran across yesterday:  The local Shell station near work has a nice sign glued to their pumps advising motorists not to drive off with the pump hose still attached to the gas tank.  To underscore how serious they are about this, they wrote “violators will be liable to pay the cause of damages”.   Yea, I had to read it twice too.  Wow!  Somebody wrote that, then somebody else approved it, then it went out to the printer… by the time it arrived at the station for the owner to affix to the pumps, dozens of people had seen it.  Yet nobody said “um, what?”

Lorem Ipsum–goofy MS Word tip for the day

Here’s an odd one for you.  Try typing this in Microsoft Word on a line by itself and hit enter:


What you’ll get is this:


Pretty bizarre, eh?  This is the famous “lorem ipsum” pseudo-latin text that is used extensively by graphic design folks.  The idea is that if you present a layout that has readable text, whoever you show it to will READ the text and that will influence whether or not they like the layout.  The goal is to represent that “text goes here” but NOT have people waste their time reading and comprehending it.

In my example above, I specified “=lorem(2)” which means “give me 2 paragraphs of gibberish”.  If you want more, just change that number.  Word will give you 3 sentences per paragraph by default, but if you want more, you can have it!  Try =lorem(2,10) – that’ll give you two paragraphs with 10 sentences each.

Long Prius

This looks photoshopped, but it is not.  This is apparently a Prius which has been “customized”.  This stretch prius was parked in a mall parking lot in north Orange County 7/15/2012.  Thanks to my friend Randy for thinking I’d be interested and snapping this picture on his cell phone.


Long Prius