20 Combinations Of Animals Riding Other Animals

I guess some people have a lot of free time, making stuff like this.   Anyway, some of mine got spent looking at these goofy pictures. The payoff was a smile on my face.  A couple of examples:


No post today!

April Fools!

Get it?  I did do a post, telling you I wasn’t going to?  It’s funny, right?  Oh okay, never mind.

MOBA : The Collection

Here’s something amusingly inane: The Museum of Bad Art (MOBA : The Collection)

The Museum of bad art is dedicated to firmly-tongue-in-cheek reviews of incredibly bad art.  A fair percentage of their items have been rescued from trash cans or thrift stores by astute individuals who cannot bear to see such waste of questionable talent.

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Doctor Who Spoof

Ok, so this isn’t inane, but it’s funny, and so I’m posting it anyway.  So there!

This is a 19 minute spoof with Rowan Atkinson (and several other famous comedians/actors) as “The Doctor”.  Sorry, I can’t embed the long version.  If you like, you can watch it as a two-part – look in my “Video Bucket” on the right.


This a short one which isn’t quite as good, but is amusing nonetheless: