Inane sign for the day



May Contain Nuts – how inane!

Seen on a package of Cashews: “Product may contain nuts”.  Really?  I sure hope so.  Kinda makes you wonder what else it might contain, doesn’t it?

Are we really becoming so brain-damaged as a society that this sort of thing needs to be pointed out?  Are people with allergies to nuts also afflicted with stupidity and they don’t realize that Cashews are nuts?  I don’t think so – this is rather insulting to us all.

True Fully!

Here’s the latest written gaff I just saw: “True fully, I think Rick should answer that question”. Wow.  I keep saying this, but people really should read more.  No spelling check program is ever going to look at that and substitute “truthfully” for you.


Oh, this one really busted me up: “so as not to attrack static” – is it a typo, or another person who can’t spell?  We’ll never know, but we can snicker in a superior way anyway.

“To be” seems to be disappearing

The words “to be” seem to be disappearing from the English language.  More and more, I see stuff like this “that’s only because the scanner needed calibrated”.  That ought to be “Needed TO BE calibrated”.  I’ve also seen “needs fixed” (or similar).  C’mon people, do we really have to be that sloppy and lazy?

ALOT – word or typo?

I got this in an email from tech support today ”we will find the problem ALOT faster”.  At first, I thought that the lack of space between A and LOT was just a typo, but in looking at the lack of typos on the rest of the email, I had to conclude that this person really thinks that “alot” is a word.  Sigh…

Gift is not a verb

Really, it's not, even though some weenie dictionaries have now added it as such to pacify people who insist on "verbifying" it. (sorry)

You give someone a gift.  You don't "gift them".

You receive a gift.  You weren't "gifted" (but perhaps if you insist that you are, then you are gifted in a different way… Ahem)

A present is given to somebody for an occasion.  It's not "gifted".

Now some may claim that the english language is a moving, evolving thing.  If we're going that way, then I propose:

"chairing" – a new term meaning to be seated in a chair

"caring" – driving somewhere in a car (yes, this may cause confusion with showing care, but the language is evolving – get over it)

"webbing"  – surfing the world wide web

"inaning" – wasting your time reading my dumb posts