Internet Explorer End Of Life (lifecycle) dates

Usually, Microsoft is pretty good about letting you know about the lifecycle dates on their products.  For some reason, Internet Explorer seems to be the exception to that rule.  If you look at Microsoft’s reference document on Internet Software Lifecycles, you’ll see that they list all the Internet Explorer version dates as “Review Note”, and the note says “For support dates for specific Internet Explorer 6 and operating system versions and their service packs, visit the Lifecycle Supported Service Packs site at”

Nowhere that I was able to find on Microsoft’s site do they actually list which version shipped with which O/S.  C’mon guys, why does this have to be made so difficult?

After some digging, I’ll save you the effort if you are interested to know.  NOTE: these reflect the last date and O/S for each version, and the final end of support date.  Deployments for prior versions of Windows will hit end of support prior to these dates.

IE6 – XP – April 8 2014 end of extended support

IE7 – Vista – April 11, 2017 end of extended support

IE 8 – Win 7 – January 14 – 2020 end of extended support

IE 9 – Win 7 – January 14 – 2020 end of extended support

UPDATE 10/21/2013:

IE 10 – included with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, and available for Windows 7.  It will not be available for Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2012 R2 – October 2015 end of support.

IE11 – included with Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2, and available for Windows 7.  It will not be available for Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012 – Jan 2023 end of support.

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9 comments on “Internet Explorer End Of Life (lifecycle) dates

  1. The given dates are not correct.
    For example, IE7 is also shipped with Windows Server 2008 which is supported until end 2018

    • I was focusing on Windows desktop, not server, but you have a point. I have updated the post to include IE 10 and 11 and also to note availability oddities with Windows 8 and the associated Server Operating Systems.

  2. Where are you getting the end of support for IE 10? Our Microsoft TAM is telling us IE 10 is tied to end of life for Windows 8 which is 1/10/2013.

  3. According to Microsoft (article link I reference in the original post), “Releases known as Components follow the Support Lifecycle of their parent Major Product.” They view IE as a component, so it is tied to the product it is released with. Since IE was released with Windows 8, your TAM is probably correct. IE 11 wasn’t released until Windows 8.1. Also, this wikipedia article is useful:

  4. wow where the hell do you find all this stuff out , ?/ im here cheifly 2 find an operating system for my equium a100 series , but am unsure whether i need one it originally came with (xp no longer supported so seems unlikely , ) the one that was on the comp when i purchased it second hand (win 7 ultimate) or the os that was on the harddrive i have now put into the new machine , sumthings conflicting it says “no media found check cable , exiting pfe , then ,no os found , but it obviously recognised the hd cos its clearly named in the bios

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