News – is it worth watching?

I know a lot of people who are news junkies and watch the news on TV, read it on-line, and pore over newspapers because they “have to know what’s going on”.  While I applaud their dedication, I wonder if perhaps it is somewhat misguided.

I have noticed that whenever I see or read a news bit on a topic about which I am familiar, the errors and omissions are glaring and irritating.  It seems to be that about 20% of the coverage I see is correct.  That means a whopping 80% of the time, they are wrong, wrong, wrong – frequently to the point where if that was your only source of information on the subject, you would be better off not reading/seeing it at all.

Now, I’m not deluding myself that I know everything about everything.  There are many things about which I am ignorant.  However, given the news media’s track record on small amount of things I DO know about, it’s logical to assume a similar accuracy level for things I DON’T know about.

Ergo – I watcheth not.