Signing email with “best” – Best what? Best Fruitcake? Count me out!

People are either becoming more and more lazy, or are losing the ability to type.  What’s with ending emails with “Best, Tim”.  Best what?  Best wishes would be the obvious choice, but are those 7 characters (oh no, 8 including the space) so hard to type?  If you are that lazy, just leave off the entire thing – don’t bother with “best” and don’t put your name (after all, the recipient can look at the “from” address, can’t they?).  In fact, if sending an email is that difficult or bothersome for you, just don’t bother to send it to me at all.

I have actually seen people put this in a signature block in Outlook.  Yes, that means Outlook will automatically type it for you.  How’s that for the ultimate in lazy?  It’s automatic, and still it’s too much trouble.  Feebs!

Oh yea, and for those of you who think it’s “hip” … it’s not.



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