Professional foreigners

Let me start by telling you that while I live in America, and am a citizen, I was born in England.  As a foreigner myself, I tend to notice the behavior of other foreigners, and frequently I’m embarrassed to be in this group.

Some people are what I call “professional foreigners”.  They are so inordinately proud of their roots, that they feel they have to constantly pay tribute to the country of their birth.   This includes bumper stickers, waving flags, and refusing to learn the local language.  So I always wonder, if their mother country is really so wonderful, why are they not living there?  I never thought of myself of that much of a Patriot, but I find it rude when people come to America, then start extolling the virtues of some place else.  I don’t go around waving the Union Jack, and wearing my nationality on my sleeve.  Why do they?

This behavior extends to some religious types as well.  Do I really need to have their heritage or beliefs thrust into my face?  I don’t do that to others.  The same courtesy in return would be much appreciated.


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