looking angry in photos

We've all seen them; photos of kids trying to look tough and pissed off, sometimes even throwing in one of those ever-so-clever gangsta signs. Apparently, they are trying to emulate Rap artists. I just have to say – I'm hoping yet again that this trend will go away soon.  I mean really, this is just silly.  Nobody is impressed.  Nobody is "oooo, scared".  So what's the point?  You just end up looking like somebody with tourette syndrome and maybe whatever ailment Joe Cocker had.  Oh yea, and pull your pants up please.

This stuff is even infiltrating traditionally conservative business.  Take our old friend Bill here:

I suppose a good thing about all this concern about "representin' " is the decreased accuracy, and therefore a lower fatality rate.  Click on the picture below, this article is very well written:


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