I’m a PC!

I'm probably alone in my views on Microsoft's "I'm a PC" marketing campaign, but here goes anyway…

I'm a PC?  Really? Oh, well then I'm a toaster … and my wife is an egg whisk.

One of the points of marketing is to get people to believe you, and believe the wonderful things you say about your product, and ultimately to purchase said product from you.  Having as the cornerstone of your marketing campaign obvious lies, is really not all that bright.  Obviously, the guy/gal on the commercial is not a pc, but you could say that they "identify" with the PC and so you could let that slide.  The other one they keep saying is "Windows 7 was my idea".  Was it really?  Since that's obviously patently untrue, and we've caught you in lie #2, why should we pay any attention to the rest of the material?  I find this sort of advertising campaign insulting, not cute.

I thought the PC vs Mac ads were brilliant.  Funny, to the point for the most part, and entertaining.  Microsoft's attempt at doing a better campaign is pathetic at best.  They need to fire their lame marketing company and hire the firm who crafted the Priceline ads with William Shatner.  They are silly, but entertaining, and other than a bit of fun, don't insult the audience's intelligence.  Or how about the very simple concept Travelocity has going with a ceramic gnome.  Brilliant!


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