Pop-Chips bags

What is this incredible material being used, for all things, to package potato chip-like crunchy snacks called “Pop Chips”?

This is a flexible, but incredibly sturdy material.  If you try to open a bag with your bare hands, you’ll likely as not be met with frustration, and if you do succeed, a bag full of crushed chips.

NASA ought to investigate this – it seems like it’d be a great protective covering for space shuttles and other vehicles!  Perhaps police departments could use it to make thinner/lighter bulletproof vests (so much for Kevlar).


Jetman’s Grand Canyon overflight

French pilot Yvess Rossy strapped a small wing and a jet engine to his back, launched from a helicopter at 8,000 feet and overflew the grand canyon about 200 feet above the rim.  His flight reached speeds of 190 mph and lasted for more than 8 minutes!  He then deployed his parachute and landed on the canyon floor.

Jetman completes Grand Canyon overflight

Click on the picture to view an article in AOPA’s online magazine, complete with video footage!