HP Desktop – they fixed it!

Remember a while back I was complaining about the brain-dead power button placement on HP Desktops?  (they put it on top)

Well, they fixed it!!  The power button is now in a good location!  Here's what the new line of desktop machines looks like:

HP's new Pavilion desktop chassis.


Jetman’s Grand Canyon overflight

French pilot Yvess Rossy strapped a small wing and a jet engine to his back, launched from a helicopter at 8,000 feet and overflew the grand canyon about 200 feet above the rim.  His flight reached speeds of 190 mph and lasted for more than 8 minutes!  He then deployed his parachute and landed on the canyon floor.

Jetman completes Grand Canyon overflight

Click on the picture to view an article in AOPA’s online magazine, complete with video footage!