Seasonal fun – Rudolph: The Nose

You have probably seen my other postings about “The Strange Game” – a musical project my friend Ellis and I have been working on for over a year now (wow!).

We decided to do something for Christmas, and came up with this goofy song:


Extreme Home Makeover – what is it with Cops & Firefighters?

Actually, it’s not just Extreme home makeover – it seems everybody does it; glorify the noble walk-on-water people who put out fires and keep our streets safe.  Now don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that they chose that profession.  But the key is they chose that profession.  Nobody held a gun to their head and made them do it.  They aren’t doing it for free because they are wonderful human beings.  Sorry to inject a note of reality, but it’s a JOB folks, just like the job you have.  Do you feel that you are any less of a person or any less valuable because you didn’t choose to be a firefighter or a cop?  I hope not!

I think these shows should diversify and maybe do an episode on some deep-sea oil rig welder who died and left his family in a broken down old house.  Ok, they don’t have the sexy uniform, and aren’t as high profile, but still it’s a high risk profession.  How about bringing it closer to home for the white collar bunch: An episode about a CPA who had a paper cut which got infected and had to have his hand amputated and can’t work anymore.  Of course, this CPA also volunteers to do taxes for a local orphanage (gotta have the human interest angle).

Am I too cynical?  Perhaps – many have said that. But let’s stop with the choir of angels every time some particular high risk profession is mentioned though.