Google Glass application: helper for Pilots in the cockpit

I’ve seen some fairly inane apps to leverage the Google Glass head-mounted display system.  A lot of them strike me as a solution looking for a problem.  Here’s one that seems like a really good one though; Aviation information (checklists, approach info, runway layouts, etc). 

The great thing about this is that the pilot can access this information without having to take their eyes away from the outside world.  This can be critical for avoiding things like collisions on the runway, or even mid-air.  When you are in “cruise mode”, you can afford to look down and do other things for a bit, as it’s a fairly low-event part of the flight.  Arrival and departure times are anything but!  There’s lots to look at, lots to do, and lots of information you need handy.

Here’s a video demonstration by Adventia European college of Aeronautics.  Ok, so it’s not thrill-a-minute footage, but a good flight isn’t supposed to be a hair-raising event!


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