US regulations – regulating us into the 3rd world? We are behind in UAV race.

Lack of regulations could leave the U.S. behind in commercial UAV race
BI Intelligence estimates potential for $100 billion in global expenditures on unmanned aerial vehicles in the next decade, as commercial uses skyrocket. Meanwhile, uncertainty over U.S. regulation of UAVs has pushed investment and innovation to other countries, according to Patrick Thevoz, co-founder and CEO of Swiss-based Flyability. Reuters (3/8)

Here in the “land of opportunity”, it seems that opportunity fades with time.  We now have too many regulations; some governmental, and some imposed by nervous insurance companies.  The result is that innovation and testing is being done overseas.  That’s the only way to actually make progress.  Many products don’t even progress beyond the idea phase because development and testing would be impossible here.  That leaves innovation to other teams in other countries for the most part, except in the case of large companies who can finance a division outside the US stranglehold.

UAVs are not the only product where we’re slipping behind.  Flying cars and motorcycles are being toyed with here to some degree, but in other countries products are being developed in earnest.  This extends to other industries also.  Drugs is another good example.  The FDA is so slow and cumbersome that many people die each year here because medication that could help them is not approved.  Most don’t have the wherewithal to relocate to another country where such treatment is available.

Unless something is done about this growing problem, we are going to regulate ourselves into the 3rd world as far as the rest of the globe is concerned.  Once you get behind, it’s awfully hard to play catch-up, and the rest of the advanced nations show no inclination to slow their research and development.


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