Women’s fashion brands – insulting?

As most husbands do, I am occasionally dragged kicking and screaming into apparel stores.  So while my wife is looking at blouses and pants and other things she might want to buy, I wander around looking at signage, and poking my nose into other departments.  I have noticed that the brand names of women's fashions, especially products designed for "large" women, are very interesting.  You have to wonder: are the companies using these brand names really that stupid, or are they intentionally trying to offend their customers?

Here's one of my favorites: Sag Harbor.  Wow! Could you possibly pick a brand name for overweight women that is more obviously insulting?  I suppose they could have gone for Flab Central but I guess it doesn't have a nautical ring to it.

How about Faded Glory?  Nice – let's bag on the elderly.

Bullocks is another interesting one.  Here we have an entire store, targeting women of all sizes, named after a castrated male bovine.  Oh yes, that's lovely.  You just can't get more feminine than that, can you?

It's not just women who are the target of insulting brand names.

Fat Boy Burgers – why yes, that makes me want to eat there and get fatter.

xxxxx For Dummies (insert just about anything) – I refuse to ever buy one of these books.  Just because you don't know about a given subject, doesn't make you dumb.  It makes you ignorant, and ignorant changes to informed once you have some information.  Dumb refers to a mental state which can't be fixed.  I should publish "book titles for dummies".  In there I could recommend a better method of choosing titles, advocating such shining examples as "Makeup for the Ugly", "Physics for Morons", "Trampoline for Parapalegics", "Cooking for Anorexics" , "Stilts for the Short", and "Origami for the Tall" (a book on small sports cars).

Do you know of any more like these?  Leave a comment, and I'll add them to the list!


Sex Sells

In the immortal words of Joe Jackson (singer/songwriter):

“God, if you’re up there, listen to my prayer.  In future man should have a different design.  Give him a switch so he can turn off his libido now, give him a tranquilizer built into his mind”

I always thought that was a great lyric, and it ties in so well with today’s musings.

It’s a common truism that “sex sells”, whether to men or women (though I tend to believe that it’s possibly more effective on men).  We see ads all the time with some scantily clad person cleverly juxtaposed with the product being sold.  Frequently, the person has absolutely nothing to do with the product.  Are we really that easily swayed by these advertising agencies?  One would hope not.  I actually find it irritating when this tact is so blatantly taken, and will click away, or turn the page, or whatever, intentionally not reading the ad copy.  Pttttthhhht! So THERE! :-p