GoDaddy support

For years, I have been using GoDaddy for my domain registrar and DNS host.  It has been nothing but a pleasant experience.  On the rare occasion that I have a problem, a quick phone call resolves it in minutes.  Ideal!

So now, I think that I’ll give their hosting a spin.  I have various “teething” problems, as one might expect, not having used their environment before.  I call support, several times on several issues, and the result is always the same; “we don’t provide that”, “we can’t help you with that”, “we don’t support 3rd party products”, “we don’t allow you access to that”.  So, while their domains/DNS tech support efforts get A+, their hosting support gets D-

Fortunately, I have been a programmer for 20+ years, and can solve things on my own (what’s a little hacking between friends?).  However, I have to wonder how other customers are able to deal with this.  Moral of the story: If you aren’t VERY technical, don’t use them.