Dangerous toys from our youth

Continuing on the theme of the last couple of posts, let’s reflect back on toys we had as kids which parents wouldn’t DREAM of letting near their fragile Gen-BW kids these days.

I ran across a blog (The Poop) which had a great article on this: http://blog.sfgate.com/parenting/2007/08/17/recalling-toys-from-my-youth/

For those of you too lazy to click the link, we were exposed to the following horrors: BB guns, Explosives (Model rockets and chemistry sets), Firestarters (Easy Bake Oven, Lite Brite), Cutters (Snoopy Sno Cone machine), Anxiety-Attack Provokers (Perfection, Operation), Heart Breakers (Sea monkeys, x-ray glasses, pretty much anything you could order from a comic book), Low Tech (sharp sticks)

I can’t believe we are still alive!


Kids in restaurants

My wife and I enjoy eating out occasionally (with our current economy, very occasionally). We don’t have kids, so maybe we’re just in the “grumpy old fart” category. Being seated near a family with unruly or loud kids is really irritating, and reflects badly on the parents. I thank my parents for teaching me manners when I was a child. I was not allowed to run around in a restaurant; I was required to remain seated with the rest of the family. It wasn’t a terrible hardship, and somehow I managed to survive. My sister and I were also not allowed to stand / bounce on the seats, throw things, squeal, yell, or otherwise make a nuisance of ourselves. Again, against all odds we survived.

Another thing I have noticed which also reflects badly on parents (not that they seem to care) is after the family has departed, the booth/table frequently looks like a war zone. There are food particles and trash all over the floor, all over the seats, and all over the table. You have to wonder what their house looks like – probably a garbage dump. The waitresses & busboys are not there to do major renovations to each dining area when the pigs (sorry, patrons) leave. If your kids still haven’t learned to put the food in their mouths instead of all over the place, leave them at home. Sheesh! Have some class, people.