Watches vs cellphones

Since most people carry cell phones these days, and these have a clock on them, the trusty wrist watch has become mostly unnecessary from a functional standpoint.  It is still preferred by some, and others regard it as a fashion accessory, but for the most part I see less people sporting wrist watches.

In looking at the content of SPAM emails, I notice that while the bulk of them are hawking some sex-related product, a high percentage of them are selling wrist watch replicas.  These are cheap knock-offs of brand name, expensive watches.  What perplexes me is that these folks are dumping a ton of effort and money into advertising into what I perceive as a dwindling market!

I did run across something rather spiffy which I would actually carry (I haven’t worn a wrist watch in many years), as is it is both functional and elegant.  This is a digital pocket watch called the Cobalt watch.  It has a touch-screen display, and appears to have an engraved silver-like case.  It doesn’t seem to be available on the market, but there does seem to be a lot of discussion about it, and the pictures, as you can see are gorgeous: