Slower Traffic Keep Right

The signs seem fairly self-explanatory: “Slower Traffic Keep Right”.  I see them daily as I drive up and down the hill from San Bernardino to my house in Lake Arrowhead.  What perplexes me, is that I must be the only one to see them.  Driver after driver, in the left hand lane, driving very slowly… what’s with that?  Perhaps they believe that the signs apply only to trucks.  Well, it doesn’t say that, now does it?  So, you get both lanes blocked by ninnies driving 20 miles per hour, and there is no way to safely pass.

Along the same lines… turnouts!  People putt by these marvelous things, with 15 cars backed up behind them.  Can you say frustrating?  What is so difficult about using them?

Unfortunately, the RPG I keep tucked under the passenger seat for such occasions has passed its inspection date, so I dare not employ it.


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