Ok, so reporters and the media in general is a HUGE topic, so I’ll try to be somewhat brief and only touch on a couple of areas (for now… bwahahaha!)

Todays’ topic: Reporters and their “demands”.  Recently, when a couple “crashed” a white house party, the media was all over it.  They examined every angle, and had experts talking about security and so forth.  On more than one occasion, I heard “We’re demanding to know how this happened”, and “We’re demanding to know who is responsible”.  OK, reality check time!  Is the reporter suddenly director of the security staff?  Perhaps they should demand to know the toilet cleaning schedule, and why isn’t it more often?  Perhaps they should demand an accurate accounting of paperclip usage in the white  house.  Perhaps they should… um, mind their own business?  Yes, that’s what I’m thinking.

I can see demanding an explanation of a human rights violation, or something similar.  That’s entirely different.  That is a useful function the media serves, as a watchdog, and a force that makes people think twice before doing something which will be unacceptable to the public.

In my humble opinion, reporters frequently need a more realistically sized pair of underwear.


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