Inane Measurement System

I live in the US, a non-metric country. All the big boys have switched to metric, but according to Colorado State University: “among countries not claiming to be metric, the U.S. is the only significant holdout“.

So c’mon, guys – let’s get with the program. The Imperial measurement system is really inane with it’s inconsistent setup. It’s difficult to do math with it, and why should our kids be subjected to this nonsense in school? Metric is easy, folks. If you can move a decimal point left and right in a number, then you just conquered the bulk of it.

The biggest obstacle that most people seem to have is their “mental measurements”. People are used to the Imperial system and so they know “about how much” 10 pounds is. But 10 kilograms? There is no mental equivalent so you end up doing conversions. I firmly believe that the best way is NOT to do conversions. Just forget the old system, and you’ll quickly learn “about how much” a liter is.

Here in the US, we have metric measurements printed on most things we buy, along with the Imperial numbers. This has been going on for many years, and it’s just not working. People aren’t going to suddenly know metric as a result. We need to do what all the other big countries have done: make the switch!!


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