Beeping Gas Pumps

What’s with these really annoying beeping gas pumps? You put your credit card in <beep>. You push the “credit” button <beep>.  You punch in your zip code <beep>.  You select the gasoline grade <beep>.  You move toward the nozzle <beep> <beep>.  You insert the nozzle in your tank and turn it on <beep> <beep> <beep>.  When done, you put the nozzle back <beeep> <beeeeeeep>.  You say “no” to a carwash <beep>.  You walk back to your car <beep> <beep> <Beeeeeeeep!!>

I have two problems with all this.  First: the beeps are loud, high-pitched, and very annoying.  So much so, that the temptation to carry a screwdriver with me to shove through the little grill and crush the blasted sonalert unit is very strong.

Second: They are seemingly random.  They do not seem to be to attract your attention to something in particular, and they beep away regardless what you do.  Ergo, they cry wolf, and people try to ignore them.  What’s the point?  Does Chevron and Shell really get enjoyment out of pointlessly annoying customers?