Barefoot Bandit Captured

The “barefoot bandit” was finally captured after 2 years of thumbing his nose at authorities.

This is a 19 year old kid who escaped from a halfway house, and went on a burglarizing, stealing rampage for 2 years. It’s amazing he was able to elude police for all that time. Also, he seemed to really enjoy the notoriety as he’d leave clues (like chalk drawn footprints on the floor) when he broke in to some place. The guy is obviously pretty disturbed, and seemed almost like he wanted to be caught.

The thing that is most disturbing to me is that he has a “cult following” on Facebook, numbering in the thousands. These Mensa candidates post things like “Free the bandit”, and so forth. Um… Why? The guy is a criminal. If anybody else did any one of his crimes, we’d all say “sure, lock him up” without hesitation. How is this guy any different? It’s incredible to me that a fairly large segment of our society is willing to root for this loser, and propose that he should be allowed to do the things he does without penalty. There’s apparently a lot of brain-damage going around.