Raw Onions – in Salad?

I don’t get it – who on earth decided it was a yummy thing to put great huge chunks of raw onions in an otherwise delicious salad?  Years ago, if any of the onion family were found on a salad, it would be finely diced spring onions (scallions).  These days, more and more I’m seeing big old red onions (not even sweet Myans) sliced up and thrown into the mix.

Of course, all you can taste in the resulting gourmet delight is onions.  And all you can taste for the next several hours is onions.  Personally, I’d rather taste a few of the other ingredients too, but maybe that’s a bit much to ask.

Cooked onions (especially caramelized) I really love, but please if you aren’t going to cook them, don’t bother including them.