Not The Boy Scouts – Live in Long Beach at the Blue Cafe

Not The Boy Scouts” will be playing live in Long Beach, April 17th at 8pm until 9pm with yours truly on drums.  The musical style is folk/rock.  Please join us if you can for an evening of fun!

The Blue Cafe is located at 217 Pine Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802, $5 cover (I think)

Live music at the Blue Cafe in Long Beach 

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My friend Ellis – The Strange Game

My friend Ellis Cohen wrote a ton of songs this year, and we've been working on recording some demos of them.  He posted a few samples to ReverbNation!  Note that these are basically first cuts, they are raw and not polished (yet).  They'll be updated as the process continues, but they are definitely worth a listen.  He's really great at lyrics and writes some very profound, emotional, thought provoking, somtimes humorous, and personal material.  The band is "The Strange Game" and we started a website (more of a placeholder at the moment, but it'll get better).  The plan is to post lyrics and music of our first CD in its entirety… FREE!

We hope you enjoy!