Moller Skycar M400X demonstration postponed

Today is the day Moller Interational was supposed to demonstrate untethered, manned flight with their Skycar M400X prototype.  There have been no announcements on their website, and the blog section where this (among other things) was being discussed has been taken down, supposedly due to abusive fake postings by people impersonating Moller employees.  Hmm… doesn’t seem like it would be rocket science to secure THAT, now does it?

After doing a bit more digging today, I unearthed an article in Yahoo! Finance which states that the demo has been postponed.  This was released Sept 27, 2011.  I find it very curious that Moller’s website does not have any of this information.  One would think that platform would be an obvious way to communicate with the public and investors, and that from a PR standpoint, transparency would be a good idea.  But hey, what do I know, eh?

According to the Yahoo! press release: “The new flight date will be announced once the final approvals have been given from the FAA, event sponsors, Moller's flight preparation team and an acceptable weather window can be identified.”

There’s lots of spin on there, but they say the rescheduled demo will be conducted at Lake Minden, a private 41 acre lake resort located 20 miles north of Sacramento International Airport.

The date, of course has not been set.  Dumb, dumb, dumb.  You’d think that Moller would want to regain a bit of credibility by setting a date (soon) and then actually (gasp) going through with it.  But again, what do I know, eh?

I tend to agree with one of the followup posters on the above article: “Surely 35+ years is enough time to successfully overcome the relevant challenges. It might be time to let a more practical, results oriented leader take the reins. I suspect Burt Rutan could get the thing up and running in about 20 minutes.”  Let’s give him a couple of months so he can do a really bang-up job!


9 comments on “Moller Skycar M400X demonstration postponed

  1. Good Morning,
    I'm the Marketing Director from Moller International and I would be interested in addressing your concerns about our company.  If you would like to call me directly,  I can be reached at 530.756.5086, ext 32.  If you get the operator, just ask for me.
    Jah W Mackey
    PS. what's really interesting is according to your article it would be very easy to secure the blog from fake postings—But here we are –you don't know if it is really me or not? I guess you just have to call to find out… After all, all of my contact information is available online — on the website, on linkedin, Facebook, etc.
    Jah Mackey
    Moller International 

  2. Jah, thanks for responding, and I enjoyed our phone conversation this morning.  Hopefully you'll be able to update the Moller homepage as we discussed so that the demo postponement announcement is more easily acessable.
    Folks, it turns out that there WAS an announcement on but it got pushed off in the "news" section at the bottom of the page.  If you look you'll see two tiny arrows at the top of that section which allow you to scroll left and right through previous news articles.  If you scroll right, you'll see the Sept 27th announcement about the demonstration.  They are apparently working with their web site developer (outsourced) to make this more obvioius.  I for one certainly missed it, though it's pretty cool when you know it's there.

  3. What a surprise another postponement
    Moller moller moller = fake fake fake always has been always will be no matter what bullshit their "marketing director" (almost fell off my chair laughing when I saw that).
    Criminy this fraudster never quits does he?

  4. It is also interesting to know, that at this time, Mr. Mackey is (apparently) no longer with Moller. His email bounces, and there is no mention of him as a member of the “team.” He never answered any questions on the blogs (even when they existed) until one of the “imposters” assumed his responsibility. The announcement said on the reasons for the postponement was that Moller was unable to accommodate the hoards (my words) who wanted to attend. There was also supposed to be “celebration” of the 50 years of Moller (some call it the 50 years of Moller failure celebration).

    • Moller is an inept engineer and manager who has ridden the flying car thing for over four decades. He has posted faked pictures of some of his vehicles in “flight”. He has lied about the development schedule and the capabilities of his imaginary aircraft and engines. he has never intended to actually produce aircraft – he just uses it to get money. Hopefully this old con man will go away and die soon.

      • I can now confess that I am the one who wrote the fake press release in the Moller blog, announcing a production agreement with North Korea. I also copied the entire blog to save it for posterity.

    • It’s sort of obvious, really. Mr. Mackey wasn’t doing his job by providing any information whatsoever, and what was occasionally provided was nothing but lies, so what is one more lie? And per Inane World’s author “Hmm… doesn’t seem like it would be rocket science to secure THAT, now does it?” They were asking for it, and Moller likely would have taken it down anyways. But then again, maybe I’m making this up.

      Or maybe I misunderstand, perhaps you meant why did I copy the blog?

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