Personal Helicopters – aka the real geek’s Beanie Hat

So with the latest disappointment from Moller, I did some poking around to see what other people are doing.  I turns out that quite a few folks are working on VTOL, but in a different way!  It’s a shame that none of these products, even though some appear to work quite well, seem to make it to market.  Especially ‘cause I want one!

Here’s one for motorcycle enthusiasts that’s downright sexy, the Malloy Hoverbike:


This is a rather interesting approach, and being a motorcycle rider, I like it!  It’s being developed in Sydney, Australia and has a target price of approximately $45,000 AUD.  Projected specs are: Airspeed – 150KIAS, Service ceiling – >10,000 ft, Dry weight – 110kg, Max gross weight – 270kg,  Total thrust – 295kg.  Development is funded primarily by Chris Malloy himself, with some donations.  So, it’s a slow development process as a result.  According to their website (no idea when the last update was), it has only been flown tethered, but they say it seems to be very stable.


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