Automatically emptying the Recycling Bin

If you are like me, you don’t use the windows recycling bin for much at all.  Sure, occasionally restoring a file deleted in error, but that’s usually minutes after deleting it and smacking your forehead.  If stuff has been in there for any length of time, I don’t care about it, and it’s annoying that it eats my free disk space.

If you are one of those users who keeps stuff that they CARE about in the recycle bin (as if it is some kind of handy desk-top folder), then you are an idiot, and need to rent a clue.

Windows Mesh is a really need synchronization tool, but I have found that it tends to clutter the recycle bin on both systems which are syncing, so it’s another way for the thing to fill up your disk.

I found a neat article on the web on CybernetNews which shows how to automate this.  The article talks about emptying the bin on startup, but you can also set it for other “triggers” such as locking the screen.

CLICK HERE to view the article, and thanks Ryan for the great and easy to follow tip!

Another handy solution is a cute little product called “bin manager”.  This program adds to the recycle bin right-click menu and allows you to empty out files based on how old they are (delete anything over 2 days for example).  You can also call this from a script to do scheduled purges based on age.


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