Stainless is DEAD–whoooohooooo!

I ran across this article today, which talks about Whirlpool’s introduction of a new finish for kitchen appliances:


This is great news, as far as I’m concerned.  Personally, I’ve been bored with stainless finishes since a couple of months after their introduction.  I just have never liked them, and I don’t understand the fascination with them in the market.  I believe that a lot of this has been driven by “Makeover” shows.  Those people crack me up.  They’ll walk into a house that has a kitchen which looks about the same as my current kitchen.  They’ll stylishly wrinkle their collective noses and say “well, this is clearly unusable – a ‘gut job’ for sure”.  Unusable eh?  Seems to work fine for me, but then I’m more about function than form.  Then, of course, they re-do the kitchen in a questionable color scheme, but almost always with granite counter tops and innovative cutting-edge stainless steel appliances – like nobody has done THAT before.


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