Signing email with “best” – Best what? Best Fruitcake? Count me out!

People are either becoming more and more lazy, or are losing the ability to type.  What’s with ending emails with “Best, Tim”.  Best what?  Best wishes would be the obvious choice, but are those 7 characters (oh no, 8 including the space) so hard to type?  If you are that lazy, just leave off the entire thing – don’t bother with “best” and don’t put your name (after all, the recipient can look at the “from” address, can’t they?).  In fact, if sending an email is that difficult or bothersome for you, just don’t bother to send it to me at all.

I have actually seen people put this in a signature block in Outlook.  Yes, that means Outlook will automatically type it for you.  How’s that for the ultimate in lazy?  It’s automatic, and still it’s too much trouble.  Feebs!

Oh yea, and for those of you who think it’s “hip” … it’s not.



Renaissance Faire starts this weekend

Renaissance Pleasure Faire starts this weekend in sunny California!  Hot tip: They have discounts on their website, with 2-for-one tickets for this Saturday’s opening-day fun.  Faire is in operation every weekend until May 23.  Be sure to bring sunscreen!

If you haven’t ever attended one of these events, you really should.  It’s a lot of fun, although frequently cheesy and campy, and you do have to endure the horrible British accents the actors try to do.

Watches vs cellphones

Since most people carry cell phones these days, and these have a clock on them, the trusty wrist watch has become mostly unnecessary from a functional standpoint.  It is still preferred by some, and others regard it as a fashion accessory, but for the most part I see less people sporting wrist watches.

In looking at the content of SPAM emails, I notice that while the bulk of them are hawking some sex-related product, a high percentage of them are selling wrist watch replicas.  These are cheap knock-offs of brand name, expensive watches.  What perplexes me is that these folks are dumping a ton of effort and money into advertising into what I perceive as a dwindling market!

I did run across something rather spiffy which I would actually carry (I haven’t worn a wrist watch in many years), as is it is both functional and elegant.  This is a digital pocket watch called the Cobalt watch.  It has a touch-screen display, and appears to have an engraved silver-like case.  It doesn’t seem to be available on the market, but there does seem to be a lot of discussion about it, and the pictures, as you can see are gorgeous:

HP Desktop Power button

Generally speaking, I”m a big HP booster.  I really like their servers, and have been using them in datacenters for years.  They usually have really good, well-designed products, and they are reliable.  Give me an HP over a Dell or whatever any day of the week.

Have you seen the new HP desktop computers though?  Here’s what they look like:

This is the Microtower 3000.  Looks nice, has decent specs, so what could be wrong with it?  Look closely at the picture.  Where is the power button?  Can’t find it?  Now that’s odd, isn’t it.  Usually the power button is front and center.  Where is it on this design marvel?  Why, it’s on TOP of the box, upper right in the picture, and as the bezel on top slants back, you can’t see it.

What’s wrong with that you ask?  Have you ever seen anybody put something (a book, a scanner, an external hard drive, etc) on top of a computer?  Of course, you see that all the time.  Well, with this clever design, you put something on top of the computer, or worse still have it sitting there for a while as you are working, and then you nudge it … <poof> the computer gets turned off in the middle of your work because you inadvertantly pushed the power button.

Now, this takes a special kind of brain damage to design a case like this, and have it go through testing, and approvals, and manufacturing.  I am astounded that nobody in the whole arduous process said “um, isn’t that a bad spot for the power button?”.  It’s probably the Emperor’s New Clothes syndrome.  Whatever the reason, I’m sorely disappointed in HP for this horrible blunder.

Sex Sells

In the immortal words of Joe Jackson (singer/songwriter):

“God, if you’re up there, listen to my prayer.  In future man should have a different design.  Give him a switch so he can turn off his libido now, give him a tranquilizer built into his mind”

I always thought that was a great lyric, and it ties in so well with today’s musings.

It’s a common truism that “sex sells”, whether to men or women (though I tend to believe that it’s possibly more effective on men).  We see ads all the time with some scantily clad person cleverly juxtaposed with the product being sold.  Frequently, the person has absolutely nothing to do with the product.  Are we really that easily swayed by these advertising agencies?  One would hope not.  I actually find it irritating when this tact is so blatantly taken, and will click away, or turn the page, or whatever, intentionally not reading the ad copy.  Pttttthhhht! So THERE! :-p

No post today!

April Fools!

Get it?  I did do a post, telling you I wasn’t going to?  It’s funny, right?  Oh okay, never mind.