TSA – idiots in our midst? Or is it us? Just say “NO”


This is yet another example of idiotic security screening processes brought to us by our friends at the TSA.  If you haven’t clicked on the video yet, the TSA agents made a disabled 4 year old boy remove his leg braces and walk through the checkpoint by himself.

Now most people hearing of this seem to have the same response “Those guys are idiots” and disgust runs rampant.  I’d like to turn the tables a little.  Who are the real idiots? I say: US!  We are allowing the TSA to exist, we are allowing ridiculous security screening systems, we are allowing backscatter x-ray devices, and we are griping merrily as we move like sheep through the processes they institute.  Like the war on drugs says, we need to “Just say NO”.

The only reason this kind of thing exists is because people allow it.  If every passenger said “No thank you” and walked on through the checkpoint, it would be impossible for the TSA people to do anything about it.  Because we’re sheep and nobody will do that, they are able to herd the masses and impose their ridiculous procedures.

Let’s take a page from Israel’s book.  They are probably the largest terrorism target in the world, and yet they don’t have ridiculous security and inspection procedures in their airports.  Why is this?  Because they are not waving flags and trying to look like they are preventing terrorism, they are DOING it.  They racially profile (oh no!), they know what they are looking for and they effectively prevent any issues.  They don’t waste their time being stupid.


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