‘LizaMoon’ Mass SQL Injection Attack – FBI napping again?

If you haven’t read about this latest virus/scam, click here to check out a good summary on eWeek.com

Basically, this is a Rogue AntiVirus scam similar to ones we’ve all probably seen many times before.  Users are directed to a website that tells them about fake infections on their computer and won’t shut up about it until the user pays them for their fake software to “remove” these infections.

Here’s what I posted as a followup to the eWeek article:

It floors me that these type of scams are not immediately pounced upon by the FBI. Viruses that do annoying/destructive things are harder to track, but things like this which direct a user to a particular URL or set of URLS, and attempt to get money provide authorities with a nice fat trail to the perpetrators. That these things seem to exist for more than a couple of days, to me seems like a major failing on the part of the FBI.


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