May Contain Nuts – how inane!

Seen on a package of Cashews: “Product may contain nuts”.  Really?  I sure hope so.  Kinda makes you wonder what else it might contain, doesn’t it?

Are we really becoming so brain-damaged as a society that this sort of thing needs to be pointed out?  Are people with allergies to nuts also afflicted with stupidity and they don’t realize that Cashews are nuts?  I don’t think so – this is rather insulting to us all.


‘LizaMoon’ Mass SQL Injection Attack – FBI napping again?

If you haven’t read about this latest virus/scam, click here to check out a good summary on

Basically, this is a Rogue AntiVirus scam similar to ones we’ve all probably seen many times before.  Users are directed to a website that tells them about fake infections on their computer and won’t shut up about it until the user pays them for their fake software to “remove” these infections.

Here’s what I posted as a followup to the eWeek article:

It floors me that these type of scams are not immediately pounced upon by the FBI. Viruses that do annoying/destructive things are harder to track, but things like this which direct a user to a particular URL or set of URLS, and attempt to get money provide authorities with a nice fat trail to the perpetrators. That these things seem to exist for more than a couple of days, to me seems like a major failing on the part of the FBI.

No Budget, No Pay! S.388 – what a great idea

Barbara Boxer proposed a bill (S.388) for the Senate which prohibits Members of Congress and the President from receiving pay during Government shutdowns.  Wow – how rational!  It seems only fair to me that if they can’t do their jobs and deal with the budget properly, causing a government shutdown, then they too should share in the pain and not get paid.

One of the problems we have in government (in my humble opinion) is that too frequently, those making the rules don’t have any personal “Skin in the Game”.  So, there is no real incentive for them to do their jobs.  It’s just the nameless public that suffers, and who really cares about them, right?

This is a very simple bill – only 2 pages of double-spaced, very large type.  I think it would be criminal for this bill NOT to be put into force!